The Science of MAGNAK

MAGNAK Speed Sauce is a patented formulation of electrolytes designed to absorb into the bloodstream 2-3x faster than water.

When we drink fluids, it passes through the entire digestive system before our body has time to absorb the nutrients. This requires you to drink more to get the same effect as Speed Sauce.

Substance, not sugar

A common problem with many of the ready-to-drink electrolyte beverages is that they contain high amounts of sugar. Once consumed, rather than quickly absorbing into the blood, the high sugar content draws water out into the gastrointestinal tract. It’s one of the reasons you often feel bloated and experience muscle cramps.
In blood, the osmolality (loosely termed “thickness”), is driven by glucose, sodium and urea levels.

The sugar concentration of 8 grams in Speed Sauce allows the osmolality of the solution to remain low, leading to a quicker and more efficient absorption of these key nutrients.

Perfectly balanced for peak performance

Speed Sauce contains a perfectly balanced potassium to magnesium ratio to reduce muscle cramping, fatigue and delayed muscle soreness. Using magnesium as the principal ion, it is easily absorbed through the GI tract. Speed Sauce’s patented electrolyte rehydration formula contains 25% of your daily recommended intake.

We see many of these ready-to-drink sports beverages that have less than 0.5% of magnesium per serving! Magnesium is an electrolyte that participates in more than 300 cellular reactions within the human body including cellular regeneration and protein synthesis. While the potassium concentration of 150 mg/serving prevents potassium from peaking in the blood to a dangerous level.

The sodium concentration of 300 mg per serving replenishes the salt you lose through sweat. Speed Sauce helps to prevent hyponatremia (low sodium level), a condition commonly seen in marathon runners. Sodium chloride channels are the only electrolyte containing channels found in sweat glands and research indicates that this salt is the only one actively lost in sweat during heavy exercise.

Only the good stuff

Importantly, Speed Sauce is completely free of preservatives, vegan friendly and naturally flavored.

Speed Sauce was designed by award winning Nephrologist, Dr. Sourabh Kharait MD PhD, with a decade worth of experience in treating electrolyte disorders. He partnered with James Lawrence who has achieved the impossible in the fitness world by completing 50 full-distance triathlons in 50 consecutive days, across all 50 states.

Learn More About the Partnership

MAGNAK is the only electrolyte formula patented with the USPTO, patent #10143223.

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