Our Mission

The singular mission of MAGNAK is to help athletes achieve their best. Most athletes are limited physically and fail to push their limits due to physical barriers such as muscle cramps, and the aches and soreness that follow afterwards. We believe that through our unique and scientifically proven formulation that replaces the "missing" mineral magnesium, we can help athletes reach their goals and hit more PRs!

Developed by an award-winning physician and a world-famous endurance athlete, MAGNAK is the perfect electrolyte formula to ward off muscle cramps.

The award-winning team behind MAGNAK

Dr Sourabh Kharait Bio Pic

Developed by Dr. Sourabh Kharait

Dr. Kharait MD PhD is an award-winning physician specializing in kidney disease. His patented electrolyte formulation reduces cramps and bloating so you can train longer, faster, and harder!

James Lawrence

In partnership with James Lawrence

A world-famous endurance athlete, James Lawrence achieved the impossible in 2015 when he complete 50 full-distance triathlons consecutively in 50 days, across all 50 states [50-50-50].

The birth of MAGNAK

In the spring of 2017, our Founder, Dr. Kharait, was hiking Clouds Rest, one of the highest peaks in the Yosemite Valley. At the Summit, it hit him- a muscle cramp. It was so bad that he was almost carried down for an hour before recovering. This was despite being well hydrated throughout the course. And he decided to build a better formulation- something that truly prevents cramps during endurance feats and helps muscles perform better—day after day. And the idea of MAGNAK was conceived!

How MAGNAK is different

Most sports drinks and electrolyte mixes follow the old adage of "some sugar and some salt in water". Others use caffeine in their drinks despite the fact that caffeine is a diuretic (it dehydrates you!). Some "sprinkle" other electrolytes without a detailed understanding of "why?".

We go into the depth of the science - because our goal is not to make just another formula, but the best one. We started our formulation by identifying the electrolytes that are needed and eliminating what we did not need. We then proceeded with an understanding of their absorption, their (volume of) distribution within the body, their loss in sweat and then tested them out on the most extreme endurance athlete, James Lawrence. If it works for him, it will work for you!

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